King Solomon’s Lodge

highlandaveConstituted September 5, A.D. 1783, A.L. 5783 in Charlestown, MA, removed to Somerville A.D. 1899, A.L. 5899. Merged with Sagamore Lodge, April 28, A.D. 1986, A.L. 5986.

In 1794, King Solomon’s Lodge erected the first Masonic monument in the United States at the site of the Battle of Bunker Hill in memory of Major General Joseph Warren, Grand Master of the Massachusetts (Provincial) Grand Lodge, and his associates who gave their lives during the battle of June 17, 1775. In 1825 King Solomon’s Lodge presented the original Monument with the land on which it stood, to the Bunker Hill Monument Association that they might erect a more imposing structure. A miniature of the original Warren Monument (a Tuscan Pillar) was erected of the finest Italian marble and was placed on the floor of the inner chamber of the present Bunker Hill Monument, directly in front of the entrance door.

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125 Highland Avenue
Somerville, Middlesex 02143

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Bruce E. Rollins, Masonic Ambassador

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The third Thursday of each month.